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13th | Faroe Islands | 6-10 Sept. 2021

Sealice Conference in the Faroe Islands

13th | Tórshavn | 6-10 Sept. 2021

At Sea Lice 2021 you will have a unique opportunity to interact with internationally renowned sea lice researchers, and experience the Faroese aquaculture industry first-hand with on-land land and off-shore site visits arranged exclusively for the conference.

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Sea Lice Conference Postponed

Sea Lice Conference Postponed


Fiskaaling Ltd. has postponed the Sea Lice International Conference, scheduled for 7th to 11th September 2020 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. The decicion is based on precautionary measures in relation to the covid-19 outbreak.

The Sea Lice International Conference, hosted by Fiskaaling, has been provisionally cancelled. The biennial conference is the major forum of sea lice research, and a central focus for discussion of sea lice issues and development within the field of sea lice research and management. The conference is now in the process of being rescheduled for September 2021 in the Faroe Islands.

“We are very sorry that the conference in the Faroe Islands had to . However, we recognize the fact that basic preconditions have significantly changed. The decicion to postpone the event is the right and responsible course of action right now,” says Jóhanna Lava Køtlum, CEO of Fiskaaling.

The Sea Lice Conference attracts participants from all over the world, especially from fish farming countries, e.g. Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Chile. Some of these countries have already declared that they will not be sending delegations across the country’s borders in 2020. Also, important research work has been significantly delayed during the covid-19 outbreak, leaving the conference in want for relevant content.

Currently, Fiskaaling is working in cooperation with Greengate Incoming to reschedule hotel and venue bookings. Also, all deadlines for registration, submission of abstracts, etc. will be changed accordingly.

Please look out for new information. Notifications will be sent to all those, who have subscribed for information. We will keep you posted, and we will post relevant updates on the Sea Lice homepage.

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Sea Lice Life Cycle

Sea Lice Life Cycle


The 13th Sea Lice Conference in Tórshavn will present an animated film, showing the full life circle of the Lepeophtheirus salmonis.

For the first time, we will see “live” how salmon lice develop from being hatched to becoming adults. Fiskaaling initiated production of the film “the Salmon Louse Life Cycle” for the Sea Lice 2020 Conference.

Kirstin Eliasen, PhD researcher and head of department at Fiskaaling Ltd., first voiced the need for such a film: “It is, in fact, very difficult to illustrate and explain the basic outline of the sealice life cycle, which includes 8 different development stages.”

Also, during its initial stages, the sealice are miniscule in size and free-floating in the ocean, so it is, of course, extremely difficult to document these stages. During later stages, when attached to the salmon, this becomes easier.
The solution, therefore, was to produce this animated feature.

Hopefully, the film will become useful for a number of educational purposes.

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SL 2020 Workshops

SL 2020 Workshops


True to tradition, the Sea Lice Conference provides an excellent opportunity to take part in relevant workshops.

There are currently three workshops in the making, scheduled for Friday, 11 September 2020.

As might be expected, the MSD Bioassay Workshop is being planned. Also, a new workshop on “Methods in Surveillance of Salmon Lice on Wild Salmonids” is also being planned. A third workshop has, focussing on lumpfish, has been proposed. This is, however, early stages, and we await a concrete draft proposition.

Registration for the workshops will be announced later. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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Annual Aquaculture Conference in the Faroe Islands

Annual Aquaculture Conference in the Faroe Islands


Fiskaaling Ltd. contributed with 8 presentations at this year’s Aquaculture Conference in Tórshavn.
The audience at the Aquaculture Conference are accostumed to learning about the latest in aquaculture research from Fiskaaling so this year was no exception.

The first presenter from Fiskaaling was Ása Jacobsen, PhD student, presented about micro algae research in 2019. Ása has conducted research to see if certain toxic algae are present in Faroese fjords. She found 3 species, one of which is not toxic but nevertheless otherwise potentially harmful to fish. The research is set to continue in 2020.

Later, Agnes Mols Mortensen, Tróndur Johannesen, Sissal Erenbjerg and Kirstin Eliasen presented 4 scientific teasers, while Heidi Mortensen talked about Nitrite accumulations in smolt.

Finally, writer Helgi Jacobsen, who is currently writing the Fiskaaling 50 years anniversary book, presented some humorous tales from the Faroese aquaculture history.

Fiskaaling is the official host of Sea Lice 2020 International Conference.

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