The International Sea Lice Conference is the major forum of sea lice research, and a central focus for discussion of sea lice issues and development within the field of sea lice research and management.

The Sea Lice Conference is a biennial gathering of the world’s most prominent sea lice researchers with papers, presentations and posters of the most up to date research in this field.

The goal of the International Sea Lice Conference series is to bring together leading international researchers, groups and regulatory agencies to foster collaboration and communication on sea lice research and to advance our understanding of the key biological, environmental and management factors associated with sea lice in both wild and farmed settings.

The first conference was carried out in Paris in 1992, with the idea of gathering researchers to study sea lice infestations in farmed salmon and to share their experiences in regards to the best practices to effectively mitigate and control infestations. 

The conference has addressed different areas of research, including biology of the sea lice, epidemiology, control by using chemicals, sea lice and wild fish, interactions with the environment, integrated handling of the pests, mathematical models, molecular genetics, new discoveries, regulatory policies, management and other important issues.

Previous Sea Lice Conferences

  1. 1992 Paris, France
  2. 1997 Trondheim, Norway
  3. 1998 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  4. 1999 Dublin, Ireland
  5. 2001 Aberdeen, Scotland
  6. 2003 St. Andrews, Canada
  7. 2008 Puerto Varas, Chile
  8. 2010 Victoria, Canada
  9. 2012 Bergen, Norway
  10. 2014 Portland, Maine (USA)
  11. 2016 Westport, Ireland
  12. 2018 Patagonia, Chile
  13. 2021 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands