The International Sea Lice Conference 2022 offers active participation for everyone. We recognize that everyone with an active interest in sea lice should be able to take part in the 13th conference in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

The organisers will provide the best possible basic accessibility for all participants. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to specify any special accommodation requirements, requests or dietary needs etc. in the registration form.

Wheelchair and Power Scooter Access

Hotels and conference venue have full wheelchair and power schooter access, including:

  • Wheelchair access routes into the conference venue.
  • Wheelchair route from the entrance or lobby to the meeting rooms and/or guest accommodation.
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms.
  • Wheelchair access and transportation will be taken into consideration for any offsite events. Although efforts will be made to provide accessibility for all, the organisers cannot fully guarantee this.

Also, special transport will be arranged between hotels and conference venue. We will assign staff to provide practical assistance, e.g. help with the lunch.


The conference language is English. Headphones will be available to enhance audio. All presentations, subsequent dialogue and questions are into microphone.

Service animals

Service animals, e.g. guide dogs, may accompany participants in accordance with the veterinary regulations.


The hotel accommodation includes breakfast. Lunch will be served at the conference venue. The dietary choice will be made to match the participant’s requirements. This also applies to evening arrangements.


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and buildings. Designated smoking areas are generally outside in a relatively sheltered space.