Sea Lice Life Cycle

14. May 2020

The 13th Sea Lice Conference in Tórshavn will present an animated film, showing the full life circle of the Lepeophtheirus salmonis.

For the first time, we will see “live” how salmon lice develop from being hatched to becoming adults. Fiskaaling initiated production of the film “the Salmon Louse Life Cycle” for the Sea Lice 2020 Conference.

Kirstin Eliasen, PhD researcher and head of department at Fiskaaling Ltd., first voiced the need for such a film: “It is, in fact, very difficult to illustrate and explain the basic outline of the sealice life cycle, which includes 8 different development stages.”

Also, during its initial stages, the sealice are miniscule in size and free-floating in the ocean, so it is, of course, extremely difficult to document these stages. During later stages, when attached to the salmon, this becomes easier.
The solution, therefore, was to produce this animated feature.

Hopefully, the film will become useful for a number of educational purposes.