Sealice Online 2021

The global Sealice Community met online on 7 to 9 September 2021

Since the 13th International Conference 2020 was rescheduled for 2021, and then again to May 2022, we appreciate that the period between the conferences becomes unacceptably long. Hence, the special opportunity to meet online 7-9 September 2021.
Sealice networking and research has suffered from not being able to present and discuss important scientific progress and issues at hand. While the 13th Sealice Conference in May 2022 will provide the usual platform for this purpose, we set up the online conference in September 2021 to serve to alleviate the most immediate need for international interaction within the Sealice Community.

Watch the Sea Lice Online conference here on YouTube:

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The Programme

Tuesday 7 Sept. 15.00 CET

Welcome, introduction

  • Opening address: Mr. Magnus Rasmussen, Minister for Aquaculture and Industry

Topic 1: Host and parasite biology: keys for control

  • How not to get infected – a salmon’s eye view
    • Ian Bricknell, PhD, Professor Of Aquaculture Biology, Aquaculture Research Institute & School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine, USA
  • Parasite evolution in response to treatment pressures, drug resistance and others
    • Dr. Armin Sturm, Senior lecturer, Institute of Aquaculture, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling, UK
  • Host immunity and host subversion by sea lice
    • Laura M Braden, PhD, Program Lead, Fish Health & Molecular Biology, AquaBounty Canada
  • Empirical investigation of pelagic sealice
    • Gunnvør á Norði, Biologist, PhD, Head of Department, Fiskaaling, Faroe Islands
  • Omics – new keys for understanding and controlling sea lice
    • -cancelled

Panel discussion, Q&A

Sponsored presentations

  • Bakkafrost
  • MOWI
Wednesday 8 Sept. 15.00 CET

Topic 2: Environmental impacts and societal responsibility                         

  • Sea lice and traffic lights: Modelling sea louse dispersion and infection risks
    • Anne D. Sandvik, Senior scientist, Institute of Marine Research, IMR, Norway
  • Aquaculture and social science: The wheel of sustainability
    • Tonje C. Osmundsen, Research professor/Head of Department at NTNU Social Research, Norway
  • Aquaculture and wild fish interactions
    • Bengt Finstad, PhD, Professor of Aquaculture Biology, NTNU Center of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Global and national governance of sea louse management
    • Tyler Isaac, Aquaculture Program Manager of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, USA
  • Antiparasitic treatments and potential environmental risks
    • Felipe Tucca Díaz, Research Coordinator, Salmon Technological Institute (INTESAL) of SalmonChile, Chile

Panel discussion, Q&A

Sponsored presentations

  • Hiddenfjord
Special presentation
  • Sea Lice in aquaculture, an overview of current global trends
    • Ian Bricknell, PhD, Professor Of Aquaculture Biology, Aquaculture Research Institute & School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine, USA
Thursday 9 Sept. 15.00 CET

Topic 3: Expanding options for integrated pest management: improved tools for a sustainable future

  • Reducing sea lice through new production approaches
    • Ketil Rykhus, Veterinarian, Chief External Relations, SinkabergHansen AS, Norway
  • Modelling and epidemiology: Managing and evaluating strategies
    • Tróndur J. Kragesteen, Engineer, PhD, Fiskaaling, Faroe Islands
  • Veterinary medicines and other therapeutants
    • Tor E. Horsberg, Professor, Unit of Pharmacology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Genetic selection – the ultimate green approach
    • Ross Houston, Personal Chair of Aquaculture Genetics, Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh
  • Looking ahead: visions for a sustainable future
    • Kjell Maroni, R&D Director Aquaculture, Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF)

Panel discussion, Q&A

Sponsored presentations

  • Benchmark® Animal Health: Field Efficacy and Safety of Ectosan® Vet Against Caligus elongatus Infecting Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)
    • Peter Østergård, Veterinarian – on Behalf of Benchmark
  • Elanco (Aqua)

Introducing the 13th Sea Lice Conference in Tórshavn, 2022

The online programme was scheduled for three days of an approximately two-hours duration each. The timing was designed to accommodate participation across several time zones.

The basic programme structure consists of 15 scientific presentations under 3 main topics, followed by live online discussions and Q&A. In addition, there is a special presentation about Sea Lice in Aquaculture, an Overview of Current Global Trends, as well as some sponsored presentations.

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